GMO Bananas high in Vitamin A – Paid for by Bill Gates, Tested in Iowa, Headed for Uganda!


Bill & Melinda Gates are doing everything they can to spend their Billions trying to save the world. Well, that’s the image that’s portrayed by most of the media.

This time they’ve invested $10,000,000 (ten million) in an effort to add Vitamin A to the Bannana, the staple food for most Ugandans.

Almost all of the world’s biggest cities will be in Asia and Africa by 2030

United Nations:


Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
As for staple food crops, a steady increase in production has been observed and although cereal imports have been increasing, dependence on imports for staples is limited. The Ugandan diet is mainly composed of plantain, starchy roots (cassava, sweet potatoes) and cereals (maize, millet, sorghum).



There are no Human GMO trials carried out by Monsanto. Instead they only test their GMO crops on rats for 90 days  –




Everything written in this article is verified by trusted sources. However, I cannot vertify the validty of the following article as there seems to be a sensorship on the material it covers:

Bill Gates Sponsoring Boko Haram To Replace Indigenous Farmers With Monsanto, GMO’s —Global Prolife Alliance

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