Must Watch – Edward Snowden on TED – It’s time to take back the internet!

Edward Snowden used to work as a contractor for the National Security Agency, whilst there he read a few secret documents that were not in the interest of protecting the citizens. It’s at this point that he downloaded approx 1.7 million (secret and classified) documents, which he’s now sharing with us one by one. Today Edward Snowden appreared LIVE on TED through an automated robot screen which he’s controlling from a secret location in Russia. Edward Snowden is an American, he’s all for the safety of the amercian citizens, and citizens around the world. He’s only sharing documents with us that are not in the interest of the people, these include:

  • Govenment snooping (all of your calls and internet activity).
  • When companies dont abide by certain government requests they are tried by a secret judge in a secret court who have in 30 years dealt with 34,000 warranr requests, of these cases all but 11 were awarded in favour of the government.
  • Bull Run – a programme created to offer security advice and software to large organisations – unfortunately the NSA are actually allowing a backdoor to secretly access data from these companies.
  • many many more.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee – ‘Inventor of the Internet’ was asked if he thought Neal Snowden was a hero or a villian, given the options, he chose to call Edward Snowden a “hero”.

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