Worlds Largest Globally Synchronised Meditation for Water Day – 22nd of March 2014 –

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Worlds largest globally synchonised meditation for Water is set to take place on March 22nd 2014.

There are already 910 events that have been indipendantly organised throughout the world. (information accurate as of 10pm GMT on 19/03/2014)

Water is the most one of the most precious elements on this planet, we are more than 50% made up of WATER. Infact, you can survive months without eating any food but only survive upto a week without drinking any water. Today we live in a world where water is freely available to the majority of the western world but things are rapidly changing as our natural water becomes more and more of a commodity. It’s important that we as the concious people take part in keeping an eye on whats going on regarding our water accross the world. I for one will be doing this, anything of interest will be presented on this site.

If you’re interested in creating an event for Water Day, it’s easy, just visit is a platform developed to support organizations and people who are creating Global Synchronized Movements of good in the world. was birthed on December 21st, 2012 to serve the self-organizing emergence of intentional events, flash mobs, meditations, ceremonies, and prayers on that day. Millions of people at sacred sites around the world aligned their expressions of consciousness and participated in a historic moment of global unity.

There is a humble planetary movement of good emerging as we collectively realize our interconnectedness. UNIFY supports global synchronized events such as Earth Day or Peace Day and has developed a platform to create coherence and unification during such days.

Mystics from all traditions have shared the message that We Are One. UNIFY’s vision is to provide a sacred mirror reflecting back to humanity its inherent state of unity regardless of nation, race, politics, color, creed or gender.

UNIFY is also a prayer held in the hearts of many of us who are awake on the planet today – to share intentional moments of unity, prayer and meditation with our global family and creatively express our diversity as One Human Race.

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